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The ride that almost wasn’t

5/30/16 - Airborne on Alaska Airlines somewhere between Chicago, IL and Anchorage, AK.  
               Getting the ball rolling on this expedition was exciting.  After two years of planning to do this trip upon my graduation, the move to make it part of my schooling was a lighting fast process.  I had the thought that I could use this ride for school over a weekend toward the end of spring semester 2016 and then began speaking with my adviser and my professors the following Tuesday.  I really thought it was all just going to be a pipe dream and that I would still be taking it after graduation.                To my surprise there was almost no resistance at any level to me taking the trip or using it for guided studies in journalism.  Each of my relevant professors not only agreed, but were incredibly encouraging of both the expedition and the reasoning behind it.                 After that first domino fell, everything began to drop perfectly into place to follow.  The Honda Outpos…