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Mission overview

Why this?  Why now?
In 2007 I returned from a 16-month tour in Iraq, where I served as a US Army Infantryman with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, first in Mosul, then Baghdad, Iraq.

 While overseas I participated in more than 100 combat missions. My roles ranged from mounted patrols as a Humvee gunner, to serving on the personal security team for Col.  John Norris, then battalion commander of the 4th Brigade 23rd Infantry Regiment.

 I survived improvised explosive attacks, mortar strikes, and small arms contacts. When I returned I advised by the Veterans Administration, that I displayed indications of possible Traumatic Brain Injury, as well as a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, known as Survivors Guilt

I confidently pursued a career as a municipal police officer, long a personal dream. Within several years, cumulative stress from police work and the effects of my untreated survivors guilt, weighed heavily on me. I was eventually deemed medically unfit for duty bas…

North to the future, north to Deadhorse!

Nothing like a change of plans to start an adventure.
8/14/16 North Pole, AK to Arctic Circle, AK - 211 Miles Ridden
I had been planning for weeks to leave out and take the end of the week to run north for Deadhorse.  That plan went out the window when a good friend asked for help getting some things moved.  She is an amazing person and since I had the option, I made the switch. I didn’t know how else to adjust for the days lost in bike prep and stayed up till after 4 in the morning wiring circuits on the bike for the heated grips, the future GPS, and for both 12 volt automotive sockets.  The work was worth it, but I was still short of connectors and parts so I had to call it and delay my Sunday morning departure until I could get some sleep and run into town for parts.
All the changes and delays meant that I was going to have to make the dreaded afternoon departure.  Riding motorcycles in the dark is always nerve wracking, especially in the summer when moose like to start moving only wh…