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One more yo-yo

León, Mex to Queretaro, Mex 
194.1 kilometers ridden. 
I knew today would arrive but had clearly been holding back and pretending. I could feel myself not completing work so that I might have to stay longer but it was past time to go since everyday was getting harder and harder to think about leaving León.
I awoke when Montserrat got up for work and had a somber farewell as she prepared to leave. I was able to keep it together but only just. I slept for another two hours before waking myself to shower and pack the bike. 
While I folded laundry and prepped my bags I talked to the leadership of my home league. I had been letting my concerns fester for long enough that they had grown out of proportion. The result was that I had managed to get very butt hurt about a deserved comment from a league member and chose to respond in a very snarky way. When that was brought up as being an inappropriate response I only made things worse by editing it. 
The reality is that I was in the wrong a…

All Mexico Roller Derby Championships

Mexican Nationals
Leon, Mex to Juarez, Mex
Zero Miles ridden
As I begin this I am seated on a VivaAerobus flight from Guadalajara to Juarez Mexico.  To say that the spacing is a bit tight would be an understatement.  I feel like this is the only time having T-Rex arms might be of some help.
Overall the day has been good, despite small seat spacing. We had to rush out of the house this morning as Montserrat was not ready to go as fast as she had planned. It meant a bit of a rush to make the two and a half hour drive to Guadalajara to catch our flight.  The drive was smooth enough but we were too late to get to the house where we had planned to store the car.  Instead we were forced to pay 75 pesos a day to store the car at a pay lot outside the airport and then grab a shuttle.
The airport was packed with familiar faces from San Luis Potasi and from Guadalajara.  It was a smooth check in process for us but several skaters from Bastardos and Los Furiosas (San Luis Potasi) were not all…

The unraveling of my formerly ‘Normal’ life

Leon Mexico
Zero kilometers ridden.
Coming back to Leon from Portland left me feeling out of sorts. The weekend had been incredible, but the passionate kissing had broken past a barrier I had kept in place for many years.  While I was a police officer I felt a need to retain some amount of a moral high ground and thus had stowed away my prior instances of living in polyamory and being promiscuous.  That was naive of me, but it was my reality nonetheless. While there had been some involvement in open relationships since me departure from policing, this was my first straying from the very serious and committed relationship I am in with Cat. In addition, it felt like I had done wrong by Montserrat as well.  Even though she had been in a relationship when I left, the feelings were clearly there and I felt like I had committed a large betrayal to Cat and a small one to Montserrat even though we were not together. One of the first things I did on returning was to talk to Montserrat about the …

Leaving Leon, at least for the weekend

Leon, Mexico to Portland, Oregon and back
Zero Miles ridden
I spent the days after Moto Fiesta doing some coaching with the skaters of Leon Roller derby and spending as much time as I could with Montserrat. Cat and I were talking and while she was apprehensive of my attraction, she was also understanding of my emotions and our continued commitment to talking about things as they happened. While we were not in an open relationship, she was willing to let me continue to spend lots of time with her despite my growing feelings.
While my plans had been to depart Leon on Wednesday morning, I was invited to come to Champs and do some writing for Derby Central as well as work with the amazing folks at Mota skates in their booth.  It was all really spawned by a simple message from Stephen “Rollomite” Carter asking if I was coming.  I didn’t really have a good reason not to come and wanted to see my friends so I made arrangements and set out on a course to the Women's Flat Track Derby Associat…