But I want it now

“Making room for second dinners?” Was Vera’s quip from her place among the pile of blankets and cats upon the love seat.
“You know, roasted vegetables and ice cream.’ I responded
It would seem like a simple enough exchange from two friends cooking together after some shopping, except that we hadn’t left the house all day. It had been a lazy Saturday morning in Sacramento and by dinner we had decided why leave the house at all.  Pizza was ordered. Veggies were chopped and roasted.  But we just didn’t have everything we needed.

Just a few weeks ago I was in Central America and in just a few weeks I will be back in central Alaska.  While a few thousand miles either way doesn’t seem like much, it is literally worlds apart. Yet here in northern California I didn’t have to go anywhere. Within the last few months I was in places that I would spend an entire day looking for just a pad lock and a security cable, and not find either that fit my needs. Now I was in a place where a few clicks re…

With a heavy heart we say good by to our director of moral

It is with a heavy heart that I say good bye to my best friend, and my director of moral support. Woden was an amazing dog who came into my life and brightened every day of it. He believed with all his heart that he was a person too and just couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get all the same privileges that rest of the people got. 
He entered this world on February 9th of 2012 and came home to live me with me in Alaska on April 14th of 2012. 
His first day in Alaska was spent with me on the gun range where he seemed drawn to the smell of all the instructors, despite a lot of very eager police recruits wanting to see him.

He started out as the only dog of the house but came to share the space with his begrudging mentor Mop, the old man of the house who made sure to show Woden who was boss. 

Woden ended up at his peak weighing the same 185 pounds as his father, Zack Sherman, and was always willing to play and wrestle.  Like his dad, he had a knack for jujitsu and was great at avoid…

Hanging out at the Dodo

Hopkins, Belize – The Funky Dodo backpackers’ hostel.
Zero kilometers ridden.
While Aaron and I had both planned to move on today, a rest in this little hippie oasis that was The Funky Dodo seemed to be the answer we both needed.  Ed must have thought so too as he moved from his hostel up the road to join us at the Dodo.
It had been nice to sleep in a bit and I was looking forward to a shower. As I joined the land of the living I asked Christine how the showers were. 
“Great, nice and warm” was her response.
She had apparently gotten the first batch of water from the sun warmed tank.  I got the freezing cold water being dropped from the shower head as it was pumped from the well. It wasn’t my first cold shower of the trip by any means but it left me lots to rib Christine about as we walked up the street to get a breakfast of liquid yogurt from the shop. 

Once Ed got all checked in it was time for a walk to the beach at the center of town.  We took some photos before wander…

The Good, The Bad, and the Ninty

Chetumal, Mexico to Hopkins, Belize
274.9 Kilometers ridden.
I slept in too late again this morning and then fucked about getting stuff done in the morning.  I managed to take my meds without eating anything and it seemed to turn my stomach now that I have begun taking the mild anti-biotics I was prescribed as anti-malarial tablets.  I didn’t really get checked out of the hotel until about noon and then once I had the bike loaded I only went a few hundred meters up the road to stop at an Oxxo for a yogurt, a zero calorie Mexican energy drink, and a ham and cheese croissant out of the deli case.  Not gourmet but enough to calm my stomach within about 20 minutes of finishing and getting on the road.
The ride to the boarder with Belize was simple enough, though I found I hadn’t managed to add the Central American maps to my GPS yet so I was left with my phone as my only navigational aid.

The boarder itself wasn’t too bad as I tried to pull into the first building and was told I…

That's it, I'm blowing this popsicle stand


Cancun, Mex.

10.3 kilometers ridden.

There isn't anything quite like five hours of sleep after a night of adrenaline fueled night riding. Not from some fun track but cause someone decided to hit your parked motorcycle...

I got woken up because I was a bit late for getting ready to make practice. It was a disorienting wake up where the world seemed to be nothing by streaks of bright light blurring my vision and drunk like stagger to answer the knocks on the door of the room I was staying in.

I got gear prepared and packed in just a few moments once I was able to jab contacts into my sleep-crusted eyes and find focus outside the few clear inches in front of my face. While I prepared and got out to the corner with my host to grab a cab, the events of the last 24 hours still felt surreal. The only thing to remind the nightmare was real was the sight of my damaged bike in the middle of the living room as I went by.

The cab ride to the practice venue was simple enough and I go…

The big hit

Ciudad Del Carmen, Mex to Cancun, Mex
701 kilometers ridden.
I slept in too late for the hotels breakfast so I showered and chose to eat the other burger for breakfast as I packed. I talked a little with both Cat and Montserrat while I made my final preparations to leave.
My usual routine of loading the bike caused me to be pouring sweat despite having just left the hotels AC. The sun was painfully bright as it reflected off of every shiny surface on the bike back at me from the Concrete. In the short few moments it took me to be loaded and ready I was already drenched and nearly blinding myself with sweat pushed from my hair as I donned my helmet.
The ride through town was stop and go due to the traffic control layout. In the heat it made me acutely aware of how little water I had been drinking and how poor my diet has been over the last few weeks.
Being that it was already passed noon, I wanted to make up time as best I could so I ran quick and only stopped for fuel and water…