But I want it now

“Making room for second dinners?” Was Vera’s quip from her place among the pile of blankets and cats upon the love seat.
“You know, roasted vegetables and ice cream.’ I responded
It would seem like a simple enough exchange from two friends cooking together after some shopping, except that we hadn’t left the house all day. It had been a lazy Saturday morning in Sacramento and by dinner we had decided why leave the house at all.  Pizza was ordered. Veggies were chopped and roasted.  But we just didn’t have everything we needed.

Just a few weeks ago I was in Central America and in just a few weeks I will be back in central Alaska.  While a few thousand miles either way doesn’t seem like much, it is literally worlds apart. Yet here in northern California I didn’t have to go anywhere. Within the last few months I was in places that I would spend an entire day looking for just a pad lock and a security cable, and not find either that fit my needs. Now I was in a place where a few clicks re…

With a heavy heart we say good by to our director of moral

It is with a heavy heart that I say good bye to my best friend, and my director of moral support. Woden was an amazing dog who came into my life and brightened every day of it. He believed with all his heart that he was a person too and just couldn’t figure out why he didn’t get all the same privileges that rest of the people got. 
He entered this world on February 9th of 2012 and came home to live me with me in Alaska on April 14th of 2012. 
His first day in Alaska was spent with me on the gun range where he seemed drawn to the smell of all the instructors, despite a lot of very eager police recruits wanting to see him.

He started out as the only dog of the house but came to share the space with his begrudging mentor Mop, the old man of the house who made sure to show Woden who was boss. 

Woden ended up at his peak weighing the same 185 pounds as his father, Zack Sherman, and was always willing to play and wrestle.  Like his dad, he had a knack for jujitsu and was great at avoid…

It sure has been great Belize, but it's time to go

San Ignacio, Belize to Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala.
19.6 kilometers ridden.
I started out slowly getting ready before taking a final shower in the small bathroom by my room. The ability to get the water temperature to something other than arctic blast or surface of the sun seems to be getting worse each day. We went out for breakfast at a place called pops. It was the most western place I had been too in weeks. It had vinyl diner booths in a deep red color that would be at home in any greasy spoon in the US. I ate a bacon and cheese omelet with pancakes but paid more for it than I would have at a less Americanized place.
We went back to our hotel and Aaron, Ed, and I sat around exchanging digital files of our photos and videos so we each had copies of everyone’s media from Belize. It took a long time so as each of us finished we set off separately to be ready to leave. I was the last one out at past 12:30 but when I got up to Ed's hostel he and Aaron were both still there. W…

Expat TIG welders, Giant caves, and other adventures in Belize

San Ignacio, Bel.
108.5 kilometers ridden.
Morning started off with a trip up the street for the cheap breakfast Christine had told me about, it was a breakfast burrito and a large lime juice for the equivalent of about $2.50 US. The burrito was basic but tasty and the lime juice was a refreshing start to the day.
After the beating the rough road gave the little C90, I went on a walkabout with Ed and Aaron to go get the exhaust on Ninty fixed. It took most of the morning but we ended up getting some clues and finding a Canadian welder who had emigrated to Belize. He did a great job TIG welding the exhaust and it came out looking better than new. 

We managed to get a little twisted up on the route before walking across the low wooden bridge that had carried us into town. Along the way we wandered through a market with lots of hand crafts and cheap Chinese products. I could tell I was in a more tourist oriented town than most I had stayed in so far.  I wasn't interested in an…

Waterfall skinny dipping and other slick adventures

San Ignacio, Belize.
106.6 kilometers ridden.
Woke up and got in a quick bit of relaxing before it was time to start getting ready to ride. Ed, Aaron, and I would be heading out to Big Rock Falls and 1000 Foot Falls on the bikes. I got most of the prep done and found out that Aaron had already eaten breakfast so I walked around to the bar and restaurant combo we had been drinking at the night before. I got an omelet with bacon, cheese and veggies and a side of "toast bread". The toast bread was more like fry bread and was very good.
I went back to the hotel and Ed had arrived. We finished prepping the bikes but Ed and Aaron then want to go for a few things so we ended up at a smoothie shop where the guys grabbed wraps and I had a smoothie. Service took the usual forever I have come to expect in Belize but the smoothie was good. We went and geared up before setting off from the hotel Tropicool.
The ride out was spectacular and full of both twisty canyon type passes o…

Moving inland

Placencia, Belize to San Ignacio, Belize
198.3 kilometers ridden.
Last night was incredibly hot so we opened up the doors to the bunk house. It brought us a nice breeze but with it came the mosquitoes. The whole night was spent tossing and turning. Either being too hot from having the sheet over my whole body and head to stop the bug bites, to shedding it and being eaten alive.
I got up and moving around 8 and made my way to the bathroom to put my contacts in and get ready. The original plan had been to get moving early in the day and make it to San Ignacio by mid-day. But early is such a vague term....

I dressed went for water at the bar by the pool. Despite the early hour, a women with glasses, long brown hair and looking to be in her early to mid-twenties was there with a large amount of baggage. She was talking to the bar keep as I slid up and began to drink water and use the Wi-Fi to catch up. When Aaron got up and moving we talked a bit about what to do for breakfast. With…