Dr. Strange Sleep or: How I learned to spend four days in Whitehorse and not even see the sights

9/8/16 Whitehorse, YT

Zero miles ridden

I am staying in a house with many roommates, 4 or 5 I think, and sleeping on a cot in the living room. The curtains were open so it was tons of light and terrible morning sleep. Gory/Bethanna made a wonderful smoothie for breakfast which I really appreciated. Spent almost the entire day on the computer working on the blog, Facebook, and many other things I needed to do like contacting AgriSupply Company, the place I had ordered tool tubes for fuel storage from.  They finally arrived at home today, instead of two days ago as promised.

While working I spent most of my non-creative energies on re-hydrating through some vitamin drinks and five cups of tea.  I really needed it after not drinking enough fluids on the bike yesterday.

I didn't manage to get any of the maintenance done on the bike like I had planned, but I did go on ADV rider to see if anyone else was having the same issues with the clutch. 

Dylan, who I had reffed with here three years ago, and I went to dinner at a hotel bar in one of the sites that Dylan manages. I trusted his judgment and had a platter he of ribs, shrimp, chicken wings, corn bread, and a salad that he recommended.  I had to start it off with another Okanagan Pear Cider and then tried a local beer to close out the meal.

Once back at the house I worked on the computer some more as Gory baked.  It would have been good except that I found out two of the guys I had served with, John Kessler and Andrew Lang, had both died suddenly in the last few years of brain complications with essentially no warning.  Made me worried and I think I will go for an MRI if I can get the VA to cover it.  Got all the info from Jon Miller, another guy I served with, and we talked for almost an hour over the Facebook messenger phone set up.   Planned to grab a beer next I am in town and talk about our issues with PTSD breaks when drinking heavily.

Sat down to catch up on journals and realized how behind I am.

9/9/16 Whitehorse, YT

Zero miles ridden

Gory and Athena enjoying the lounge
Slept in a bit even though Athena, one of the house dogs decided to jump up on my airbed and say hello twice while I tried to sleep. Got up around 11 am local time and spent the morning working on the computer again setting up places for derby on my route.  Also went ahead and got Cat's ticket for Sacramento purchased on miles and set up my housing in Seattle with Tracy. Got to set up some Soldiers project visits as well as more leagues to skate with.

Spent time working on the bike as well. Got the chain adjusted again and cleaned and lubed the clutch lever and pivot so it isn't binding any longer. The front tire was still holding perfect pressure, but the rear had no air at all!  I couldn't find any puncture so I have some worries that one or more of the spokes might be leaking past the sealing.  I pumped the tire up with the new pump I bought for the trip and will check the pressure in the morning.

Went up to help set track and work on the venue. On the way we got some food from Tim Horton's and I had a tasty Greek chicken wrap, potato wedges and a yummy tea.  Got to see some great folks and meet some new ones.  Open skate was pretty simply skating around in circles but it allowed me to get wheels set and to get a good feel for the floor. 

The party afterward was nice and the food was great.  I ate a really good melt sandwich with a delicious Caesar salad. Had a good local beer, some Okanagan Pear Cider and a shot that was bought for me called a Burt Reynolds, which was actually pretty good.  Went to the airport to help great the rest of the Squamish skaters and coaches and even saw a few familiar faces from Daze of Derby.
That Caesar salad though...YUM!

Left the party to come home and work on getting caught up on-line and writing journals.

9/10/16 Whitehorse, YT
Bubbling's bad mmmm'kay
Zero miles ridden.

Got up to Athena the house dog cuddles again, she is super sweet and it really isn’t a bad way to wake up. 

After moving my bike for the ease of one of Bethanna's roommates I found that the rear tire had lost 15-20 PSI over the night.

I then ran to get supplies for Bethanna using her car so she could keep working on prepping food for the after party. For personal supplies, I grabbed batteries for the spot, shower stuff and a razor, as well as some granola bars for the road.  I got the stuff needed for the house and went back.

I was able to isolate what I hope is the only place air is leaking, one spoke nipple, by use of soapy water.  I will be checking tire pressure every fuel stop from here till I can get it fixed.

Went and reffed some practice for the YRG girls and spent time showing drills afterward.  Badger seemed unhappy to be getting the drills and coaching offers but I hope she wasn't offended.  Goose (The fighting Mongoose) then asked a bunch of questions and we worked skills and drills for about an hour just with her, plus Dylan watching to get experience and learn.

After practice Dylan, Dantastic and I went to grab lunch and on try number three to find a place open and serving we went to a great Japanese place where I had three sushi rolls and some great tea, and we shared vegetable tempura and edamame between the three of us.

Dustin, the other local ref joined us late in the meal and then stayed with us the rest of the day. He had locked his keys in his van along with his skates and gear so I went and pried the door so I could use a coat hanger to get him back in. Felt nice to use some of the old cop skills for good again. 

The game was great, and as a huge surprise Just Julie was our other OPR and Skatie Bright, Kaylie Wyotee, and others from Juneau were there to watch.  All went smooth and I had a great time working with the crew and a lot of fun Jam reffing for them.

After dropping gear we all went to the after party.  It was loud, the food was okay but took forever, and there wasn't a good beer selection. I had some nice chats with Dylan and Sher-ref over wings, pizza, and poutine.  Said my good buys and chatted with lots of great folks.  I still seem to have the subconscious need to give my resume and highlight reel to everyone verbally, but it is getting less severe.  More to work on.  Was so great to see Goose, Badger, Bonanza, and Dylan again, and also chatting with some of the Squamish Sirens including Green Lantern.  Offered crash space in Fairbanks and the derby network to all the relevant people and headed out.

I Walked back to the house and took a shower before calling it a night. Tomorrow I ride south.

 Still not sure why Canadian's put toilets in the middle of the floor. #GameOfThrones


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