Another day, another city


Aguascalientes, Mex to Guadalajara, Mex

250.8 kilometers ridden.

I was able to sleep in for a bit before getting up to shower. The morning routine of packing is getting smoother but no less time consuming. Chofelia was still asleep when I got up and I felt bad for having to wake her to ask about the hot water heater. She was so sweet and gave me earrings for Cat and tried to give me a shirt as well as food. I felt so awkward saying no to all but the earrings for Cat and a bag of apples for the road. She unlocked the parking gate so that I could get my bike out and we talked while I loaded it for departure. We hugged many times and I could tell she very much wanted me to stay and teach for a few more practices.

I headed back to the department store with the open WiFi and talked to Cat for a bit and planned my day with Vale from Guadalajara. I rode during the mid day and made good time. The sites along the road were pretty and I stopped to take pictures again, this time of cows huddled beneath a tree for shade.

I made town and began my usual circuit of town on the bike to get an idea of the place. The town center was very pretty and reminded me of colonial architecture. I was having no luck finding open WiFi so I used the Garmin to locate a hotel an began to navigate. On the way I saw a sign for a hotel with WiFi for 490 pesos a night. I pulled into the expo hotel and asked if they had laundry on site by using my translation guide. The clerk assured me they did and I paid for my room.

The room was basic but mostly clean and so I unpacked and worked getting set up for a bit. While everyone was dressed in winter coats, I was warm enough that I pulled the curtains shut and lounged about naked just to cool off from riding. The Internet was very slow and disconnected often so I had trouble getting much done. I did however go to find the laundry only to have the same clerk tell me that there wasn't laundry on site now unless I was able to talk the house keepers into it. I tried to walk to a laundromat but gave up in the heat and walked back and found the housekeepers.  All told I know I got charged gringo price at 70 pesos for a small bag but at least it would be done and my Pivot Star FroCho jersey wouldn't smell like the several days practiced in that it was. 

I tried to organize a ride to practice but wasn't able to get it sorted in time and suited up to go practice with Roller Derby Guadalajara. I set my google maps navigation before leaving the WiFi and headed out. I was able to find the site with only minor trouble, though I did have to drive over the curb and through the grass to where the basketball courts where practice was supposed to happen.

I changed out and geared up while the only skater there warmed up running off skates. As people began to arrive I was actually a bit nervous as it was clear this was the most skilled team I had worked with yet in Mexico. I was asked if I was ready to start by the coach which was my first indication I was coaching and not participating.

I ran a more advanced practice for them that delved into proper posture for blocking, engaging the quads, slide to stop, side blocking and ending with ping pong drill and working on keeping the pack calm and together. The group was all very skilled and treated each other like family I was very impressed and felt very fortunate to have been able to work with them.

After practice I went to Walmart for a converter plug to allow me to charge my computer, and food to stand in for dinner. I ended up sliding by the parking gate because I couldn't figure out the parking slip system to get out. I would have felt bad if I hadn't only been there for 15 minutes tops.

On my way back I rode across an overpass with a stunning suspension system that was lit in a purplish blue hue that I tried to capture with my helmet cam. Once back at the room I tried my best to get some work accomplished, but the shoddy internet meant I didn't accomplish much before showering and falling asleep messaging Cat.


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