Hanging out at the Dodo


Hopkins, Belize – The Funky Dodo backpackers’ hostel.

Zero kilometers ridden.

While Aaron and I had both planned to move on today, a rest in this little hippie oasis that was The Funky Dodo seemed to be the answer we both needed.  Ed must have thought so too as he moved from his hostel up the road to join us at the Dodo.

It had been nice to sleep in a bit and I was looking forward to a shower. As I joined the land of the living I asked Christine how the showers were. 

“Great, nice and warm” was her response.

She had apparently gotten the first batch of water from the sun warmed tank.  I got the freezing cold water being dropped from the shower head as it was pumped from the well. It wasn’t my first cold shower of the trip by any means but it left me lots to rib Christine about as we walked up the street to get a breakfast of liquid yogurt from the shop. 

Once Ed got all checked in it was time for a walk to the beach at the center of town.  We took some photos before wandering around to find a place in Hopkins to grab some food. After a mile or two of wandering we found the Gecko.  Aaron, Ed, and I enjoyed a lunch of local food outside at one of the tables and talked about how strange it had been to cross from Mexico into Belize.

 A delightful sea food burger from local catch and .... gecko balls. 

It was a great lazy afternoon talking routes and having what amounted to being the young man’s AdventureRider Radio Raw as we talked about what we had been doing for travel. I became a bit of the butt of most jokes when they found I had been carrying roller skates the whole trip, but they both responded with some admiration when I explained how many amazing folks I had met and stayed with along the way due to derby.

All the talk led to discussion of bikes and eventually to talk of Ninty, Ed’s fabled ride. One thing led to another and both Arron and I ended up taking her for a buzz around the street and just had to capture some photos and video of the occasion.

After looking for somewhere else in town for dinner Aaron, Christine, Ed, and I tromped off to the Gecko for round two. Dinner was a great sea food flat bread and was a perfect prelude to a night hanging out in hammocks talking. 

A young man's Adventure Rider Radio Raw

After everyone else went to bed I spent the night writing and conducting data transfer till past 1 am.


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