But I want it now

“Making room for second dinners?” Was Vera’s quip from her place among the pile of blankets and cats upon the love seat.

“You know, roasted vegetables and ice cream.’ I responded

It would seem like a simple enough exchange from two friends cooking together after some shopping, except that we hadn’t left the house all day. It had been a lazy Saturday morning in Sacramento and by dinner we had decided why leave the house at all.  Pizza was ordered. Veggies were chopped and roasted.  But we just didn’t have everything we needed.

What to do if your out sick and still want fresh fruit and some ice cream....

Just a few weeks ago I was in Central America and in just a few weeks I will be back in central Alaska.  While a few thousand miles either way doesn’t seem like much, it is literally worlds apart. Yet here in northern California I didn’t have to go anywhere. Within the last few months I was in places that I would spend an entire day looking for just a pad lock and a security cable, and not find either that fit my needs. Now I was in a place where a few clicks resulted in not just a pizza delivery, but also in groceries arriving within an hour.

The height of laziness has been achieved. From my place among a pile of quilts in a reclining chair I had managed both dinner and regular supplies to be whisked to our door with the slightest whim and quickest of selections on Amazon Prime Now.

Hey, if you ordered pizza, why not ice cream?

So is it a bad thing?  Probably not.  But I can assure you that if I had the ability to be this lazy all the time, not just when I am down with a sickness, it could quickly result in both a depletion of my bank account and in increase in my circumference.

By Zack Sherman


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